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About the Event:

Our 1-2 day conferences consists of workshops, seminars, and competitions that students sign up to according to their interests. This includes sessions with top researchers, professors, Olympiad medalists, and other passionate STEM students.

The Conference is hosted at a frequency of around twice per year and we produce resources surrounding our content year round.

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Global Student STEM Conferences provides opportunities for students to collaborate, share and learn about STEM. With attendees from schools all over the world

We also provide academic competitions, study resources (that we try to keep fun!), as well as opportunities for public speaking and debate in our conference. 

Our upcoming event this year is on the 18th and 19th of November, with sessions throughout most of the days to accommodate for more time zones! Session timings, Debate topics, and Competition information can be found in the linked page below. 

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About us:

We are a group of high school students ourselves! If you are interested in making Global Student STEM Conferences better, feel free to contact us or you can join our team here:

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Our Sponsor:

Global STEM has recently partnered with Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR), an educational enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, whose mission is to build bridges between academia and the wider public to expand the impact of ideas that matter. In the coming year, CCIR will be sponsoring Global STEM events by providing faculty and speaker resources that will elevate the prestige and impact of our events to new heights.  
In its efforts to promote the practice and value of research, CCIR offers two highly selective online research programmes designed for gifted high school students, whereby they can explore their intellectual passions through research.


The Future Scholar Programme is an online 2-5 student research-focused programme taught by current teaching faculty members at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, MIT, Harvard University, and select Ivy League universities; we offer 25 unique research courses in STEM, Business, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.


The 1-on-1 Mentorship offers students the opportunity to pursue research with a current teaching Oxbridge or Ivy League faculty member. Each mentorship experience is tailored to the specific needs and interests of each individual student—enabling students to explore what they want, the way they want.