Our conferences consists of debates, workshops, seminars and competitions tailored to expose high school students to pioneering research, inspiring projects, as well as unique STEM ideas and career insights.

These sessions that students sign up to according to their interests and time zones, includes sessions with top professionals and other passionate STEM students. Subjects include, but not limited to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer science, and Medicine.

We hope to inspire more young scientists to go into STEM and STEM research by providing an accessible platform with opportunities, resources, and ways of engagement with the community



Online! This year’s conferences would be held over zoom, the zoom links of the sessions that you signed up for would be sent to you via email.


Previous conference: 19th-20th February 2022

Our next Conference will be on the 18th and 19th of November 2022!


Before the competition, every student would sign up to sessions that would interest them and would suit their schedule.

There will be sessions that are more lecture based, such as some academic seminars and career talks, while others would allow more student interaction, such as bioethics debates and Q&A sessions, some sessions will also be student led and we also provide opportunities for everyone to apply to share their experiences, research or projects in STEM!

For teachers, we are also developing learning resources for students to make the most out of the conference. For more information see our “For Teachers” tab.

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November Event Schedule/Sessions (Coming soon!)

Our Sponsor:

Global STEM has recently partnered with Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR), an educational enterprise based in Cambridge, UK, whose mission is to build bridges between academia and the wider public to expand the impact of ideas that matter. In the coming year, CCIR will be sponsoring Global STEM events by providing faculty and speaker resources that will elevate the prestige and impact of our events to new heights.  
In its efforts to promote the practice and value of research, CCIR offers two highly selective online research programmes designed for gifted high school students, whereby they can explore their intellectual passions through research.


The Future Scholar Programme is an online 2-5 student research-focused programme taught by current teaching faculty members at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, MIT, Harvard University, and select Ivy League universities; we offer 25 unique research courses in STEM, Business, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.


The 1-on-1 Mentorship offers students the opportunity to pursue research with a current teaching Oxbridge or Ivy League faculty member. Each mentorship experience is tailored to the specific needs and interests of each individual student—enabling students to explore what they want, the way they want.

A Few Words

About the competitions

We currently will host a written biology competition paper during our next conference and further project based competitions surrounding our conference are also being developed!

Teachers, Please contact info@global-stem.org to allow your students to compete or for you to contribute to the competition!

Speak, debate, and share your projects!

Apply to be a speaker as well as register your team for our limited debate spots as a student! 

We encourage critical thinking regarding policy and philosophy within the context of STEM! 

Email info@global-stem.org for more information and to register

Debates would be formatted as a modified British Parliamentary format with four speeches and four speakers per team, each with a speaking time of 7 minutes with POI. There will also be 16 minutes of the audience questioning each team before the last speech

October 2021 debate topics:

Bioethics: THW legalize the use of embryonic STEM cells in general medical treatments

Physics: This house would direct all research funding towards space exploration.

Computer science: This house would give robots and AI the same rights as humans.

Climate science: This house as the UN, would force countries and corporations to pay a carbon tax proportional to their environmental impact measured with pollution, greenhouse gas emission…etc.


February 2022 debate topics:

Bioethics: THW not increase research funding for embryonic STEM cell research

Computer science: THR the use of big data

From our previous conferences

Our Diverse Speakers

MEng Engineering Student at The University of Oxford | SUT Scholar | STEM Ambassador | UK Undergraduate of The Year Finalist

Bartol Sikora

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. Its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works.


Student Chapter President of the International Youth Neuroscience Association, Member of The Neuroscience Establishment.

Asin Fathima

Computer Science Undergraduate at Columbia University, Research Intern at the Smithsonian Institution

Asia Gray

President of the National STEM Honor Society. A proud Engineer and science communicator!

Kenneth Hecht

Co-Founder of Waind Labs, a student-led research and development (R&D) project formed to bring fresh approaches to global challenges. Part of The International Federation of Inventors' Association, he holds 3 patents and interned for Cambridge.

Mohamed Yalouh

PhD student at Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen. Research focus on interplay between physics and Mathematics.

Muhammad Aswin Rangkuti

Certified AWS Cloud Associate, she is passionate about digital transformation. Lean Six Sigma Certified practitioner. Awarded student of the year by SSD Global Solutions and the youngest Lean Six Sigma Practitioner.

Lujain Khalil

Sr. Product Manager at BakerHughes, Co-founder, Managing Director of ENTROGX, Women in STEM Activist, 100 Arab Female Heroes in Volunteering by BBC, Distinguished Alumni of the Year by MEPI,

Chada El Islam Manel Benmahcene

15-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur, CEO at Encryptify | Youngest App Store Developer 2019 | Co-Founder of AppSydney

Nick Mihailou

Founder of Hello Maker, an organization with maker tutorials and challenges that encourage elementary and middle schoolers to become makers. Winner of UC Berkeley Girls Who Code Hackathon and MIT App Inventor Hackathon. Explainer at Exploratorium.

Elsa Bosemark

Biomedical Scientist from the Federal University of Sao Paulo - Conducting clinical research focusing on neuroscience and behavior - Motivating Girls in STEM!

Ana Carolina Lima

Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Federal Technology Owerri, Nigeria with an interest in developing technologies. Interested in Extended reality technology and Telecommunications Engineering

Tochukwu Chukwure

Founded in 2018, Scientia is a student led science platform, aiming to encourage the community to understand the significance of science beyond the classroom and to share their scientific curiosities, promoting logical thinking as well as creativity.

Scientia Project


  • As an attendee: Attendees can participate in our conference by registering for free here on our website. Upon registering, attendees will be allowed access to the portal which would contain the Zoom meeting link 24 hours before the conference begins. Attendees are able to attend sessions of their choosing that suits their interests and timetables, including talks, debates, and competitions brought to you by top professors, researchers as well as fellow high school students. This is an unique opportunity to experience a global STEM conference for high school students develop interest in STEM as well as meet new people!
  • As a student speaker: Students would be able to apply to speak at our conference (see bottom of this page for contact) and would be able to speak to a global audience alongside our distinguished guest speakers at top universities and institutions! You would be able to speak about anything STEM related, including research, projects, or a STEM idea you are really passionate about! You will be able to demonstrate your interest in STEM and public speaking while inspiring other students, while expanding the impact of your project and research!
  • As part of the Organising Committee, please contact us at the email address below for more information. Vacancies listed: Regional Head of Operations, Competition problem writer x5, School Ambassadors (1 per school).

Many of our organisers are also speakers themselves too! You are also welcome to attend sessions as a speaker and organiser too!

Yes! Free and Online! It is part of our mission to make STEM ideas, projects, research and career insights more accessible!

The sessions of talks, debates and competitions are still being scheduled and will be out closer to the conference date on October 7th-8th!


After registering, you will be able to see contents on the join portal page of our website, where the link to the conference will be posted 24 hours before the conference.


Due to the online nature of the conference, it would be able to run for most hours of the day over the two days so that all time zones can be accommodated! 


Timings of each session would be posted closer to the date and you can plan which sessions you are able to attend due to your time zone.

Our conference is specially tailored for high school students to attend as well as to volunteer!

We hope to provide this platform to inspire more students to go into STEM research and to start STEM projects!

Register your tean by emailing us at nicholas.su@global-stem.org with:

Team name & School

Names that the team members have registered with on our website

Debate topic

As a Professor/Researcher/Student in academia, this is an opportunity to take part in international outreach events for high school students to promote research at your institution, increase impact factor, but most importantly to inspire more motivated people in STEM!

Not only do we emphasize the importance of research and the enjoyment in discovery, we also promote the accessibility of STEM careers for minority groups and genders.

We hope you can help us grow this platform!

Not only can you demonstrate and develop interest in STEM by just  attending the conference, you can share your perspective and inspire other aspiring STEM scientists!

speaking and communication is something that is often overlooked in traditional STEM schooling, even though academic discourse is one of the most important things in modern science! 

We want to create a safe platform for students to cultivate their confidence in speaking and debating!

They will be out closer to the date, but sufficient time would be given to attendees to schedule!

Our Conference is tailored towards high school students or students on their last four years of school before college. However, feel free to join if you are interested in any of the sessions!

Student initiative Partners

We are excited to be partnered with OnlyPhysics to provide GSSC attendees and OnlyPhysics students with more resources and competitions! OnlyPhysics is an international not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing free and accessible education to as many students as possible. We share a mission and they are truly a global organization providing quality assistance and mentorship tailored to all students (Not just for physics!). Check them out below!

Contact us at info@global-stem.org

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